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KPE is the utility and governance token for the KPerp.Exchange.
Token Information
After staking KPE, you will receive staked KPE:
KPE staked token address: 0xbf1E247cc2B36b3f3caE91bEd258EDa9788d933f


Staked KPE generates three reward types:
  • KAVA
  • esKPE
  • Multiplier Points
30% of swap and leverage trading fees are converted to $KAVA and distributed to the accounts staking KPE.

Treasury Assets

The KPE-USDC LP liquidity is provided and owned by the Protocol (Locked).


The maximum supply of KPE is 5,000,000.
Circulating supply changes are dictated by the number of tokens that are distributed through other DEXs, vested, burnt and spent on marketing.
KPE allocations are:
  • 500,000 KPE reserved marketing, partnerships and community development (not allocated)
  • 3 million KPE reserved for rewards (as esKPE which can be converted over time to KPE)
  • 500,000 KPE paired with USDC for liquidity on Elk Finance
  • 150,000 KPE for KPerp.Exchange team (linearly vested over two years)
  • 600,000 KPE allocated to presale


KPE token price at launch: 1 USDC
  • Whitelisted public presale = 600,000 KPE at 8% discount (0.92 USDC/KPE), 500 slots
  • 12% of the total supply (600,000) KPE tokens will be distributed through a presale:
  • -> 500,000 USDC as initial KLP liquidity (owned by the KPE Treasury)
Liquidity is owned by the KPERP protocol and locked.
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