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Referral Program

Through the KPerp.Exchange referral program, receive fee-cashback and fee-commissions.

How it works

First, get your referral code:
  • Go to KPerp.Exchange/Referrals
  • Click on the ‘Affiliates’ tab
Once copied, you can share your referral link on any social media or communication platform. When a trader clicks on your link, your referral code will be connected to their account. After the trader executes a trade on KPerp.Exchange, a portion of the associated fees is split between the trader, who will receive a cashback payment, and you, who will receive a commission.
Even if the traders you brought to the platform switch devices, you will still earn commissions, as the code is tied to their user account.
Please note that the referral program is subject to change, as the protocol is controlled by KPerp.Exchange governance token holders.

Trade & receive Fee-Cashback

If you want to execute a Trade using any Referral Code that you have been referred to, this is accessible through the following interface:
See the next Section for How to edit your current Referral Code.

How to edit your current Referral Code

In order to edit and change your active Referral code that you want to trade with, click on the 'Pen' icon:
Next, a Pop up will appear which allows you to edit your current referral code.
Here, please enter the new referral code you want to trade with:
Once you have entered a new referral code, click on 'Update'.
Now, you can trade with your updated referral code.
See next section for Tiers.


The KPerp.Exchange referral program has a tier system to prevent gaming of the system through self-referrals. This helps to ensure that all referrals are genuine and represent real users brought to the platform.
Tier 1: 5% fee-cashback for traders / 5% fee-commission to referrer Tier 2: 10% fee-cashback for traders / 10% fee-commission to referrer Tier 3: 10% fee-cashback for traders / 15% fee-commission to referrer paid in KAVA and 5% fee-commission to referrer paid in esMVX
The referral code as explained above is a Tier 1 code, and anyone can create one. Here’s how to upgrade your code to Tier 2 or Tier 3:
  • Tier 2: At least 15 active traders using your referral codes per week and a combined weekly volume of more than $0.75 million
  • Tier 3: At least 30 active traders using your referral codes per week and a combined weekly volume of more than $3.75 million
Commission and cashback apply to the opening and closing fees for leverage trades.
The opening and closing fees on KPerp.Exchange is 0.1% of the position size. There is no price impact for trades and zero spread for tokens such as BTC and ETH. Fee-commissions are calculated before fee-cashback, so referrers earn on the full maker fee. They also earn from what would otherwise be spread on other exchanges. As a result, referrers will earn equivalent amounts of commissions per volume on KPerp.Exchange when compared to referral programs on other centralized exchanges.
The price of esKPE will be based on the seven-days average price of KPE.
Tier 2 and Tier 3 rewards are available to: wallet providers ; other protocols and partners as well as individuals.
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