KPerp.Exchange is a decentralized exchange created to offer a broad selection of trading options and extremely high levels of liquidity on numerous cryptocurrencies
Two uses for traders:
  • Swaps and limit orders in Spot trading
  • Perpetual Futures trading with short- and long-positions and a leverage of up to 30x
KPerp wants to establish itself as the main option for traders who are looking for ownership control over their total funds, without having to disclose any personal or private information.
Benefits in regards to other exchanges:
  • Low-interest rates
  • Low transaction costs
  • Zero price impacts, including with bigger orders.
  • Reduced Liquidation risks
  • No hidden spreads
  • Low margins
  • High leverage trading
  • No Registration or 2FA
Everything in one: Spot & Perpetual Futures Trading
Last modified 1yr ago